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At what age can I start training to become a pilot?

In the case of a PPL, you need to be at least 16 years of age before applying for a theoretical course and be a middle school graduate. Requirements for other courses can be found here.

What medical certificates are required?

Aero-medical certifications carried out by an aero-medical doctor, are required. You will need to visit a few different specialists when getting your first aero-medical examinations done. The scope of these lab tests depends on the direction in which you want to train as well as what aircrafts you will be flying.

Where can I get a medical examination done?

List of aero-medical examiners and aero-medical centres.

How long does training take?

Each course consists of a theoretical and practical training. The duration of training is determined by the availability of the student, instructor and in practical training, weather. Theoretical training takes a minimum of 100 hours, while practical training, a minimum of 45 hours.

What does the CAA exam look like?

After completing your practical training, the flight school you are attending contacts a CAA examiner and sets up the date of your exam.
More details here.

Subject Duration (hrs) Number of questions
Air Law 0:45 28
General Knowledge of the Aircraft 0:30 16
Performance and Planning 1:00 20
Man-possibilities and limitations 0:30 12
Meteorology 0:30 12
Navigation 1:00 24
Operating Procedures 0:30 12
Flight Rules 0:45 16
Communication 0:30 12
General Flight Safety xx xx
6:00 152