Our Fleet
For those of you who believe, like us, that learning to fly is more than just passing a few tests, will feel right at home at Air Res Aviation. Experience the joy of flying with our qualified instructors who will fully prepare you for FAA exams. Courses are held on the premesis of a controlled airport allowing our students to gain hands on experience in a Class C Airspace.
It all begins with a dream. Here at Air Res Aviation, together, ​we can make that dream a reality.

Versatility and ease of use of this single-engine aircraft are advantages both in aviation training as well as recreational flying. The P2008JC is touted as the best in its class. It provides pilots and passengers with a comfortable work environment and seamless flight experience.

Maximum velocity: 111knots
Rate of climb: 1 152 ft/min (at sea level)
Service ceiling: 13 993ft (4 265m)
Range: 1 277km/690nm
Empty weight: 354kg
Maximum take off weight: 600kg

Our organization has two planes of this type: SP-WBA and SP-WBI.


A complex aircraft with retractable landing gear, variable pitch propeller, equipped with modern avionics and autopilot, which is a huge advantage, especially in long distance flights.

Maximum velocity: 158knots
Rate of climb: 1200 ft/min
Service ceiling: 21 654ft (6600m)
Range: 1600 km/864nm
Empty weight: 670kg
Maximum take off weight: 1400kg


In Poland, one of the most popular aircrafts for schooling future pilots. It is believed to be one of the best aircrafts to train on, especially in the initial stages of training. It is characterized by its ease of piloting and relatively good flight parameters. We have one aircraft of this type : SP-WBL.

Maximum velocity: 110knots
Rate of climb: 715ft/min
Service ceiling: 14,700ft (4,480m)
Range: 768km/414nm
Empty weight: 490kg
Maximum take off weight: 757kg